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Post: Not able to open voltdb interface

Not able to open voltdb interface
Jul 15, 2013
Hello Everyone,

I installed linux voltdb in ec2 machine. which has red hat. Voltdb installed suceesfully.

But i am not able to browse http://ec2-machine address:8080/studio

I refereed following link

But still i not got voltdb interface.

can any one help me where i am going wrong.

thank you.
Jul 18, 2013

Port 8080 could be blocked by the firewall by default on EC2. Can you check the firewall settings in AWS console to make sure this port is open?

When you connect, please also make sure that you use the public URL of that instance.
Jul 22, 2013
Hi Ning,

I checked the port it is open.And I am using public URL of the instance.But still is not coming.

Thank you.
Jul 22, 2013

Can you paste your VoltDB log file here? I'll check if the server process successfully bound to the port on startup. Can you also try running the following command on your desktop and paste the output here?

curl -vI http://ec2-machine address:8080/studio