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Post: Problem with results of queries

Problem with results of queries
Aug 6, 2013
I have 2 queries that I execute on VoltDB. Both queries are executed successfully but the problem lies in the results.

1st case (Summary Query): VoltDB reports that statement has a non-deterministic result. The query result does not guarantee a consistent ordering. Instead of receiving multiple row results, I receive only one row result.

2nd case (Join Query): The result length for 2 table joins (one has 4 columns and other 2 columns with 100,000 rows in each). I get only one row in the result again.

Both queries execute in the expected way in sqlcmd. Please let me know where is the problem.

Aug 6, 2013
I am using the Java client for VoltDB
Aug 6, 2013
Can you post the text of the queries and the DDL for the tables they query? If that information is sensitive, can you anonymize it sufficiently?

What you've given above isn't much to go on when trying to figure out what's wrong.
Aug 7, 2013
1st query: Select column1_name, min(column2_name) from table_name group by column1_name

2nd query: Select * from table1_name, table2_name where table1_name.column1_nameOFtable_1 = table2_name.column1_nameOFtable_2

The queries are simple. So I hope you get the point.

Thanks jhugg.

Aug 7, 2013
It looks like the problem may be in how you are calling the java client APIs to process the result. Can you send a code sample of how you are calling the procedure and then counting the rows in your results?