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Catalog Version and Description
Oct 24, 2013
I am very new to Volt and am actually evaluating the Enterprise edition it right now. I was wondering how you set the "Version" and "Description" for a database catalog? I was browsing the web and found that you are supposed to edit a "project.xml" file. However, I also notice that the "voltdb compile -p" option is deprecated. I can't seem to find a reference to this in the documentation (that doesn't mean it isn't there...I just can't find it.) Any idea on how to set the "version" and "description" when loading the catalog so it shows up in Enterprise Manager?
Oct 24, 2013
Currently, setting the version and description is deprecated.

You used to be able to specify this information in an XML file when the application description was split between an XML file (project.xml) and one or more DDL files. Now that VoltDB has moved to a pure DDL application description model, this feature is unreachable.

We would like to re-enable this feature (or something like it) for our users in the future, and are currently discussing the best ways to do this.