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Post: VoltDB don't recover

VoltDB don't recover
Nov 28, 2013
Hi all,

we have a 4 node cluster that generates automatically a snapshot every 5 minutes. We tried to simulate a node failure and killed the java process on one node. Our k-factor is 2. The cluster was still working, but when we tried to rejoin the node with

voltdb rejoin host $NODE deployment $DEPLOYMENT_FILE

the whole cluster crashed with the message

FATAL: Stored procedure EndVisit generated different SQL queries at different partitions. Shutting down to preserve data integrity.

How can this happen? The corresponding procedure has a fixed number of fixed statements, that doesn't change at all.

What even more problematic is, that the recovery didn't worked. The command

voltdb recover host $RUNNING_NODE deployment $DEPLOYMENT_FILE

issued the messages

VoltDB has encountered an unrecoverable error and is exiting.
Message: Found multiple transactions ids during restore for a partition.

Have we done something wrong? Was there a misunderstanding?

We are using VoltDB 3.7 and the OpenJDK Java 1.6 64-Bit.

Best regards
Nov 28, 2013

Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry that you encountered a challenge in your testing. Since this is not the expected behavior, could you please send the VoltDB log files from all the machines in your cluster for us to take a look at to determine the root cause of the situation you are facing? You can reach out to me on my direct email address at

Dec 2, 2013

Thanks for your answer.
I am working together with phifty on that project.
Unfortunately we did not keep the log file. I will try to reproduce the error and send the log file to you.

Best regards