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Post: Making a comparison between VoltDB and other in-memory DB.

Making a comparison between VoltDB and other in-memory DB.
Jan 17, 2014
I am considering replacing oracle's TimesTen with VoltDB in our existing solutions.
So, please let me know the information if you are sure about both of them.

VoltDB is very advantageous in regards to cost.
I'd like to compare the ACID, Extensibility, Recovery, Security, Operation and Management functions, Performance, flexibility and so on of each.
I especially want to know the point in need of attention or weaknesses of VoltDB compared to TimesTen or other in-memory DBs.
(Our client may be curious to know about that when we introduce VoltDB)

If you know useful references, I also want you to share them with me.

Thanks in advance,
Jan 17, 2014

VoltDB is fully ACID database - including full transactional durability. VoltDB is built to scale horizontally - you can add servers to a VoltDB cluster to increase database capacity and performance.

- Durability in VoltDB is tunable. At the fully durable end, all transactions are fsync'd to multiple disks before a client response is generated. All transactions are fully recoverable.

- The system is fully ACID. All transactions run with synchronous intra-cluster replication for HA and serializable isolation level.

- VoltDB supports user-permissions on stored procedures but does not support detailed security roles or cryptographically secure access to the database. Happy to explain these differences in more detail if you can share your requirements.

- Performance is often the value prop for VoltDB. We can do 100k of multi-SQL statement transactions per second per server and can scale this up by adding more servers to the cluster.

If you reach out to me directly (, we can engage deeper to understand references or information that you require. We have an overview / introduction call we often use to introduce ourselves and to learn a little about the problem you are solving so that we can provide the information needed to support your decision process.