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Post: Does voltDB need ElasticSearch?

Does voltDB need ElasticSearch?
Jan 30, 2014
Currently I am working in a project that use PostgreSQL + ElasticSearch. However I recently found VoltDB, and I was wondering if we still need ElasticSearch for doing searches with VoltDB.

If I am ok, elasticSearch get the data from PostgreSQL of from another relational Database, and them it reindexes the data to make faster Queries instead using the relational Database indexes. This is because the data stored in ElasticSearch is not completely trusted because ElasticSearch is not ACID compliant.
Jan 30, 2014
VoltDB is very fast and is excellent at parallelizing work across hardware resources. It doesn't contain any kind of full-text-indexing functionality. Any kind of full-text search on VoltDB will be at least mostly brute force. That doesn't mean it won't meet your needs, but it really depends on the kind of queries you want to run.

Can you give a little more context on the kinds of queries you'd like to run against the system?