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Post: What is ELT?

What is ELT?
Dec 11, 2010
In the *Representative VoltDB Use Cases* chart on the VoltDB Use Cases Webpage (, the last row states, "ELT". I believe this should be ETL (Extract Transform and Load). Please correct me if I'm wrong!

re: What is ELT?
Dec 13, 2010

It depends on the use-case. Sometimes it is ELT, sometimes it is ETL, it can even be ELTEL ("E"xport from another system, "L"oad into VoltDB, "T"ransform in VoltDB, "E"export from VoltDB, "L"oad into yet another system).

"ELT" was the original name we used for the functionality to move data out of VoltDB, now it is simply called "Export".