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VoltDb Cluster Configuration
May 24, 2014
Hi All,
I am trying to set up a 3 node volt db cluster, with the below configuration in the deployment.xml
When i try starting the primary node and subsequently all the secondary nodes the voltdb instance starts without any problem. Also any data changes in any of the node gets replicated to the other nodes. All works fine till here.

But the problem is when i try shutting down any one of the member of the cluster with the command
voltadmin shutdown --host=host2 --user=abc --password=abc

In this case even though i am trying to shutdown node 2 of the cluster, after issuing the above command all the 3 nodes in the cluster is getting shutdown. All the 3 nodes crash eventough i explicitly try to shutdown only one node.
Please let me know if i am missing any configuration or there is any other way to shutdown the server.

<cluster elastic="enabled" kfactor="2" sitesperhost="4" hostcount="3" />
<partition-detection enabled="true">
<snapshot prefix="voltdb_partition_detection" />
<admin-mode adminstartup="false" port="21211" />
<heartbeat timeout="100" />
<httpd port="8000">
<jsonapi enabled="true" />
<snapshot prefix="IDAliasSnapshot" retain="3" frequency="1200s" />
<commandlog logsize="3072" enabled="true" synchronous="false">
<frequency transactions="2147483647" time="200" />
<user plaintext="true" password="admin" roles="admin" name="admin" />
<user plaintext="true" password="abc" roles="dbuser" name="abc" />
<temptables maxsize="100" />
<snapshot priority="6" />
<security enabled="true"/>

May 25, 2014
The shutdown command is a global action that will stop the entire database. 'voltadmin -h' says: voltadmin shutdown - Shut down the running VoltDB cluster. To stop 1 node you must ctrl-c or kill the process on that node.