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Post: Desktop tools for Voltdb?

Desktop tools for Voltdb?
Jul 9, 2014
i am a new for Voltdb. i don't find any Desktop tool for VoltDB management such as navicat, sql developer, pl sql developer, toad etc.

Guys, What tool are you using for voltdb managing?
Jul 9, 2014

For development, you are free to use your favorite ide/editor like eclipse, emacs, etc.

For management, Voltdb has VEM, voltdb enterprise management, only available in the enterprise edition for quick deployment/management/monitoring. You can also set up scripts for handle what VEM does. We can help with this if needed.

For monitoring, Voltdb has a few options. One is VEM. Using our web studio, usually via browser to hostip:8080/studio, you can monitor current transaction/sec, memory used, etc. More information is available here:
Voltdb also can interface with third party monitoring software like, new relic, jmx, Nagios, and Ganglia. More information found here:

If I missed anything, feel free to reach out to us.
Jul 10, 2014
Thnks for reply. Yesterday, i used Web Studio and VEM. Both are fantastic.