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Post: Are there any evidences that shows how easy VoltDB's desining is?

Are there any evidences that shows how easy VoltDB's desining is?
Aug 25, 2014

I'm looking for evidences how easy voltdb's desining is to persuade my boss.
I understand VoltDB requires us to be more organized and planful in its DB design.
My understanding it that normal engineers (who is new to VoltDB) can design VoltDB's application database design and VoltDB does not requre specific skills to design it.
Is this correct?

If yes, please share the source of information with me. It would be great help to introduce voltDB for us.
Aug 25, 2014
Hi John,

VoltDB is very easy to get started with. At a high level it is very much like a traditional database (SQL, even JDBC or ODBC interfaces). One major difference is that it is a clustered database and for optimal performance (100,000+ transactions a second) it is recommended you partition your hot tables. To help you get started, in addition to tutorials and sample applications and and excellent documentation, we provide VoltDB University, a set of a 10 or so short video lessons (free, btw). Check it out here:

Also, if you require additional help, feel free to post here, we can also have one of our field engineers set up a Skye or Google Hangout meeting to help you and your team with any questions you might have.