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Post: VoltDb Backup Strategy, Approach and Requirements

VoltDb Backup Strategy, Approach and Requirements
Sep 12, 2014
I may want to enter a POC stage with VoltDb, to begin with, what is the backup strategy under an OLTP VLDB scenario? What is the best known approach? Any gotchas? What would be my hardware and software requirements to achieving the backup strategy?
Sep 12, 2014
Hi Arthur,

We'd love to help you with a POC. This is a question that might be best handled with a discussion. Could you contact me directly to set up a call to go over this.

I will try to provide a generic answer as I understand your question. A VoltDB "snapshot" is equivalent to a backup. Snapshots are taken automatically by the command logging feature, and can also be taken automatically on a scheduled basis and manually on demand. They are always taken asynchronously using a background process that allows the workload to continue unimpeded. Because of that, and because they are sequential writes to disk, no special hardware is needed. VoltDB includes the feature and tools to take a snapshot and write it to local disk. From there, the files can be collected and could be archived by third-party software. I'm not sure if this fully addresses your question, so it would help to discuss your particular needs.

Please contact me at, and we can set up a call to go over your question and POC plans.