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Post: Case statement Quote Character ` or '

Case statement Quote Character ` or '
Nov 20, 2014
Under the documentation, it says voltdb supports case statements and has a sample.

SELECT Prod_name,
CASE WHEN price > 100.00
THEN `Expensive`
ELSE `Cheap`
FROM products ORDER BY Prod_name

Question: is the quote identifier ` or '
I get General Provider Error (GRACEFUL_FAILURE): 'Unexpected Ad Hoc Planning Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error compiling query: org.voltdb.planner.PlanningErrorException: unknown token' if i use `Expensive` as in your sample
Nov 20, 2014
It is meant to be the regular single-quote. I will get the release notes updated. Thanks for letting us know.

Nov 20, 2014