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Post: update Catalog failed

update Catalog failed
Dec 17, 2014
I added new tables to my database, I recompiled the catalog and While updating the running database I got this error:

ERROR: error Exception: [Errno 111] Connection refused 

my cmd is:

voltadmin update flight.jar deployment.xml
Dec 17, 2014

It seems like the port being used is either not listening or being used for something else, ie another application.
Please verify that voltdb is running, ie 'ps aux | grep voltdb' or 'jps' if you have jdk installed, and there are no custom configuration for ports in deployment file otherwise you will need to use 'voltadmin --server=localhost:port <options>'. Let me know if this helps.

Peter Zhao
Dec 18, 2014
yes it helps a lot thank you so much :D