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Post: Licensing of Maven artifacts

Licensing of Maven artifacts
Mar 17, 2015

The Java client on Maven central repository is licensed under the Affero General Public license. It means that any application retrieving this artifact must also be licensed under AGPL.
In most cases this is not really an option, because the source code of the whole application would have to be shared with its users.

Note that this is independent from whether or not the underlying VoltDb database is Enterprise or Community, as long as the client is retrieved from Maven central repository.
I find this kind of odd because none of the clients for other languages (cpp, php, node.js) are licensed under AGPL.

Was this intentional from the voltDB team ? Is there a way to make a maven project with a non-GPL java client ?


Mar 17, 2015
Hi Maxime,

You are welcome to use the binary client jar under MIT license. Unfortunately, the Maven repo requires us to post source code, so some of the code we had to post is AGPL.