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phpMyAdmin or similar
Sep 28, 2010
Is there any graphical tool that I can use to view the data stored?
re: PhpMyAdmin or similar
Sep 29, 2010
We supply a tool in the VoltDB kit that we call our "Ad-hoc browser application". It is within the kit in the tools/browser_adhoc folder and requires Python.

When you run the tool, you can open a web page in your browser that gives you access to the following functionality:

1. Enter ad-hoc SQL and display the results. Remember, we do not encourage the use of ad-hoc SQL in production environments.
2. Display VoltDB "statistics" by simply clicking a button (statistics for Tables, Procedures, Snapshots, etc.).
3. Initiate a system snapshot.

We plan on adding features and functionality to this tool over time and would love for anyone in the community to contribute ideas and/or code.