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Post: TPC-C-like multi-partition transaction, and possible improvements

TPC-C-like multi-partition transaction, and possible improvements
Sep 8, 2010

With great interest did I run and test VoltDB. I'm currently looking into the tpcc benchmark and multi-partition transactions. In the original H-Store papers, this is discussed. So why not on voltdb as well?

- Is it possible to include a percentage (e.g 0.1%-10%) multi-partition trx in the tpcc (or other) test?

- Can you provide me a pointer to where in the code the multi-partition trx are handled?

I understand that multi-partition trx should be avoided. However, this is not always possible. Therefore, I'm interested in ways to improve this aspect of voltdb...

re: TPC-C-like multi-partition transaction...
Sep 9, 2010

The details you are looking for are covered in this forum entry.

It covers where to get the code for our tpcc implementation and run it yourself. The client code and stored procedures are well documented, please take a look at them and let me know if you need more direction.