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Post: newbie question: twtter sample application ?

newbie question: twtter sample application ?
Apr 30, 2015
Hy Folks
I just started playing with voltdb and was wondering if there is any sample application using twitter API to monitor stream of tweets?. I searched the forums and found out this thread

However the link to the code no longer works. is there any updated sample available?
Apr 30, 2015
Hi msyed,

That is a very old example app. I have the source code, but it is old enough that it will not run on VoltDB as-is.

It used the Twitter4J library, and aside from that just used a regex to find hashtags in each tweet and inserted each hashtag into the database. Then there were some queries to track trends. Is that enough for you to go on?

If you'd like the source code, please contact me at support (at) voltdb (dot) com.