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Post: "javac -cp "$CLASSPATH:/opt/voltdb/voltdb/*" " Gives an error.

"javac -cp "$CLASSPATH:/opt/voltdb/voltdb/*" " Gives an error.
Jun 16, 2015
Hey :)
I am at the end of the beginner tutorial now and I am stack while trying to compile the
my voltdb path is not in opt/voltdb/voltdb and it's under /usr/share/voltdb/voltdb I switched that but still same error.
also I tried to remove the $CLASSPATH variable which 'echo $CLASSPATH' is empty.
How do I fill it and according to what?

Cheers Benny.
Jun 16, 2015
Hi Benny,

When compiling stored procedures, unless you are using additional libraries, you only need the /usr/lib/voltdb/voltdb-*.jar file in the classpath.

Here is a script that I use to compile procedures in a src/... directory and then package them in a jar file that can be loaded into VoltDB: