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Post: Storge users password hashed in the table?

Storge users password hashed in the table?
Jun 20, 2015
Hey I am looking a function which hash the password of users in the database.
For example in MySQL:
In Vertica you can just do a simple : select hash('123123123') and get is hash stored instead of the password.
Jun 22, 2015

We do not have a function that hashes a password of the users in the database. However, we do have a command line option that hashes the passwords defined in deployment file. 'voltdb mask' will hash the user's password using SHA-1 hash. Documentation of voltdb's options, here

Steps to hash your user's passwords:
Create your users and their roles in deployment file and define roles in your schema. Refer to the docs, here, for more information.
Use mask option to hash your passwords: voltdb mask mydeployment.xml mydeploymenthash.xml.

Peter Zhao