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Post: it seems the '@Statistics TABLE' doesn't show the right result

it seems the '@Statistics TABLE' doesn't show the right result
Jul 24, 2015
I read it from

I create a table before start the cluster

CREATE TABLE testtable0 (id integer not null primary key,name0 varchar(100));
partition table testtable0 on column id;

then I start the cluster

public static void main(String args[]){
VoltServerConfig config = null;
final MultiConfigSuiteBuilder builder = new MultiConfigSuiteBuilder(
final VoltProjectBuilder project = new VoltProjectBuilder();
try {
} catch (IOException error) {
boolean success;
config = new LocalCluster("iisf-hsql.jar", 2, 2, 0,
success = config.compile(project);
assert (success);

then I insert 10 rows in sqlcmd

insert into testtable0 values(1,'aaaa');
insert into testtable0 values(2,'aaaa');
insert into testtable0 values(3,'aaaa');
insert into testtable0 values(4,'aaaa');
insert into testtable0 values(5,'aaaa');
insert into testtable0 values(6,'aaaa');
insert into testtable0 values(7,'aaaa');
insert into testtable0 values(8,'aaaa');
insert into testtable0 values(9,'aaaa');
insert into testtable0 values(10,'aaaa');

then i execute

exec @Statistics TABLE 1;

the TUPLE_COUNT seems wrong