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VoltDB Installation on single machine
Aug 7, 2015
I want to test VoltDB cluster with two nodes on a single machine.
Is it possible?
The machine has >90 CPU and >500 GB ram.
I have two different accounts on the machine, and create distinct voltdb directories for these accounts.
I achieved to run 2 distinct voltdb instances by changing the ports.
But i cannot set up a cluster with 2 nodes.
If it is possible on a single machine, please give me an example,
PS: I know the Docker solution by the way. That is not what i want.

Thanks in advance,
Aug 7, 2015

Here's how to get a multi node cluster running on a single host. In this example, I will create 2 node cluster.
Lets start by create 2 folders, nodea and nodeb. Within each folder, please include a deployment file like so:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster hostcount="2" sitesperhost="2" kfactor="0" />
<httpd enabled="true">
<jsonapi enabled="true" />

Next, lets plan out the custom ports for each instance:
Then, lets create our cluster with the following commands:

In nodea
VOLTDB_OPTS="-Dvolt.rmi.agent.port=7020" voltdb create -H localhost:7010 --internal=7010 --http=7000 --admin=7001 --client=7002 --zookeeper=7030 --deployment=deployment.xml
In nodeb
VOLTDB_OPTS="-Dvolt.rmi.agent.port=8020" voltdb create -H localhost:7010 --internal=8010 --http=8000 --admin=8001 --client=8002 --zookeeper=8030 --deployment=deployment.xml

VoltDB will start up and you have a 2 node cluster running on a single machine.

Peter Zhao
Aug 10, 2015
Thanks for your quick reply, that solved my problem.