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Post: Compare with TimesTem in-Memory

Compare with TimesTem in-Memory
Jun 2, 2010
I read about comparision with usual block based RDBMS, but what about compare with times ten?
Times ten benchmark
Jun 2, 2010
We haven't benchmarked vs. TimesTen. If we did, we couldn't publish results. Oracle's license does not allow publishing benchmark results of its products.

My understanding, from reading Oracle whitepapers, is that TimesTen, when used without Oracle, is embedded in the application process. This is very different from horizontally scaled (partitioned, distributed) data stores like VoltDB.

This should give VoltDB a considerable advantage at scaling total throughput at the expense of latency. TimesTen advertises microsecond latency for some transactions; VoltDB round trip latencies (client request -> server -> client response) are more typically 10+ milliseconds. The applications are optimized for different purposes.

I'm sure it would be an interesting comparison. Still not an apples-to-apples comparison. TimesTen and VoltDB have important dissimilarities.