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Build a cluster with Community Edition
Aug 13, 2015
Newer here again.


I start the node1 by command:
voltdb create --http=8888 --admin=8889 --client=8890 --zookeeper=8892 people.jar

it runs ok

and then i run the node2 by command:
voltdb create --http=9888 --admin=9889 --client=9890 --zookeeper=9892 people.jar

but i got an error:FATAL: Error in socket joiner run loop
FATAL: Fatal exception Address already in use
	at Method)

and i found sth in node2 logs:
INFO  [Socket Joiner] HOST: Attempting to bind to internal ip
2015-08-13 08:40:25,143   FATAL [Socket Joiner] JOINER: Failed to bind to

had i do sth wrong??
Aug 13, 2015

The error message indicates that port 3021 is already in use. This is a default internal portused by VoltDB when it's not specified. When you tried to run your node2/second instance of VoltDB, you ran into the error, 'address already in use'. You'll need to specify the options, internal and '-H' to indicate which instance to connect to.
For node1 and node2:
voltdb create --http=8888 --admin=8889 --client=8890 --zookeeper=8892 --internal 8887 -H node1:8887 people.jar

Here's a forum answer for reference.

Peter Zhao
Aug 14, 2015
Peter Zhao

Thanks for your advice, I run it succeed!

Your answer is better than the document in the USING VolteDB...