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VoltDB DR architecture
Aug 14, 2015
Read this blog entry, where it is said that DR-agent (replication agent) is no longer required. However the 'Replication' section video in VoltDB university states otherwise. Is it correct to understand that the blog states the latest, and the video needs updating ? Or are there any caveats ?

Sep 21, 2015
Hi, the VoltDB University video on Replication is in the process of being updated. The DR Agent is no longer used for Database Replication as of version 5.1 and later.

Nov 9, 2015

Thank you for your interest in VoltDB and in VoltDB University. The revision of the VoltDB University lessons is still underway. At the same time, we will soon be releasing new database replication (DR) functionality. So in addition to updating the current lessons, we will consider adding an new lesson concerning DR next year.

--Andrew Gent