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Post: Does voltdb have anticache feature??

Does voltdb have anticache feature??
Aug 27, 2015
VoltDb documentation (AdminGuide.pdf) says that you would better turn off the "os swapping" for better performance.

Then, is there any feature built in voltdb that evicts tuples when memory usage exceeds the Ram size ??
Aug 27, 2015

As of v5.5, there is no anticache feature in VoltDB. However, there are multiple ways to limit a table's' data usage by removing older or irrelevant data. Please refer to our windowing example application or our blog post regarding nimble delete. There's also a LIMIT PARTITION ROWS constraint in our CREATE TABLE definition that can also produce the same behavior. In our next release, v5.6, we will be introducing a user configurable memory limit for VoltDB process in the deployment file.

Peter Zhao