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Post: JDBC connection to SQL Developer

JDBC connection to SQL Developer
Sep 2, 2015
I need to connect VoltDB with SQL Developer using JDBC.
How can i get connection? What JDBC driver (jar-file) i must put at "Third Party JDBC Drivers" ib SQL Developer?

VoltDB 5.0, SQL Developer
Sep 2, 2015

We haven't tested with Oracle SQL Developer, but it's possible it may work with VoltDB. Some tools that we know work with VoltDB include Aqua Data Studio, DB Visualizer and SQuirreL. But give it a try, we'd like to hear if it works for you.

The file that contains the JDBC driver is ./voltdb/voltdbclient-5.5.1.jar from the folder where you installed VoltDB. You can also download this file separately from Maven Central Repository:|ga|1|voltdb