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Post: Can VoltDB do this?

Can VoltDB do this?
Sep 9, 2015

I need to store a maximum of 200 billion records, each having 2 fields: A, and B, both strings of no more than 255 characters.
I'll be inserting records into this database at a pace of about 50 000 per second.
About once a second, I'll also be querying the database. All the queries will be the same: I'll need all the records where the field A=X, for a given X string.

1. Is it possible to use VoltDB to store such a database?
2. What kind of hardware would I need to store it?

Sep 10, 2015

This sounds like a great use case for VoltDB except for the 200 billion records. This would require > 100 TB of storage, which in VoltDB is 100% in RAM. Do you really need to keep that many records in the database? You could use VoltDB to process that many records in a day, but retain only summary data or raw data for a short time frame.

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