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VoltDB + Delphix
Sep 17, 2015
What happens if VoltDB and Delphix Express join forces?
Sep 17, 2015
Hi Piotr,

I read your blog. It's very interesting, and nice tutorial.

I have a technical concern that the command log files are fsynced to disk by default every 200milliseconds and in some configurations as often as 1 millisecond (typically with an enterprise-class SSD or a disk controller with battery-backed write cache). So while this may work when the database is idle and the files are not changing for a little while, if there are active inserts or other write transactions taking place, I'm not sure if the Delphix snapshot of the entire directory would produce a consistent copy of the files that can be recovered properly. Do you think it could still be safe to do this and the files wouldn't potentially be out of sync? I don't know how Delphix takes the snapshots.