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  1. Using output of one query as table to query from in a stored procedure


    I have a stored procedure called SelectFromCustomer.I want to use the VoltTable , I got as output from one SQL in this procedure as the Table to query from for my next query within the...
  2. Few more questions on CSVLoader


    Thank you very much for your response.After using this option, the time taken has reduced further by 16 seconds.The output is now as below -

    CSVLoader elaspsed: 134.508 seconds
    Number of...
  3. Question on using CSVLoader of voltdb


    I am using the CSVLoader to load 10,000000 rows in a voltdb table.It is a partitioned table.

    Command used is - ./csvloader -f test10000000.csv -m 20000000 --limitrows 15000000 customer
  4. Further queries on bulk loader for voltdb and queries on multiple partitions


    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    You have mentioned that I have 2 choices: either run a multi-partition transaction, which VoltDB automatically executes on all partitions and automatically...
  5. Further queries on integrating sqoop and voltdb


    In addition to my above queries, I came accross the below 2 links for integration of sqoop and voltdb
  6. Hi, Thanks much for the reply.My problem...


    Thanks much for the reply.My problem statement is as below -

    We have an application that keeps appending huge amount of rows to a file in HDFS every 2 seconds.I want a mechanism to bulkload...
  7. Bulk loading data into Voltdb using sqoop

    I want to use sqoop to bulk load data from HDFS/local file system into specific partitions in voltdb, is this possible?How should I go about it.
    Similarly I also want o execute queries on multiple...
  8. Some more questions


    As suggested by you I have converted the queries into a stored procedure class in VOLTDB -

    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.List;

    import org.voltdb.*;

    public class...
  9. Query on converting oracle queries to VOLTDB


    I have the following 2 queries in oracle timesten.I am creating these 2 as preparedstatements in my Web application, passing the bind parameters dynamically and getting the results. I would...
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