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Thread: License Issue of Using of VoltDB for Systems Serving Internal Users

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    License Issue of Using of VoltDB for Systems Serving Internal Users


    The Community Edition of VoltDB uses an AGPL license, which requires any system built atop of VoltDB to be "open sourced" to its network users. My case is: I want to build a system X using VoltDB that will be used only by my company employees, who will be interacting with system X, either from a WebUI or directly with the sqlcmd tool that comes with VoltDB. The question is: do I have to open source my system X? If there are other internal/external-facing systems that use the services provided by system X, are these systems obliged by AGPL? What's your standings/interpretations on these issues? Thanks.


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    The AGPL requires that the source of any software linked to VoltDB AGPL'd source, or any modifications made to VoltDB directly, be made available to users of that software, regardless if you distribute a binary or a SaaS offering to those users.

    Our enterprise edition is licensed separately under non-GPL terms for users of VoltDB that require commercial distribution terms.

    We provide the open source version of VoltDB in the sense of a sharing community. We share a lot of our core IP and technology and in return ask that the community using that technology share their experiences, use cases and modifications.

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