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Thread: Sqlcmd says connection refused when trying to test Helloworld sample

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    Sqlcmd says connection refused when trying to test Helloworld sample


    I have installed VoltDB on a RHEL VM and was following the instructions given in the "Getting started guide". The compilation of helloworld.jar works fine. The create catalog command works too and I see the following message on the terminal

    Build: 3.3 voltdb-3.3-0-gec0df82 Community Edition
    Connecting to VoltDB cluster as the leader...
    Host id of this node is: 0

    I open another terminal session to run Sqlcmd and I get the message "Connection refused". I also tried running some builtin in examples (the voter app). The VoltDB server works again and I see the message posted above; but when I run the client, i see the following message

    [root@v-ng-0096 voter]# ./ client
    Command Line Configuration

    autotune = false
    contestants = 6
    displayinterval = 5
    duration = 120
    latencytarget = 6
    maxvotes = 2
    password =
    ratelimit = 100000
    servers = localhost:21212
    statsfile =
    user =
    warmup = 5

    Setup & Initialization

    Connecting to VoltDB...
    Connection failed - retrying in 1 second(s).
    Connection failed - retrying in 2 second(s).
    Connection failed - retrying in 4 second(s).
    Connection failed - retrying in 8 second(s).

    I have disabled the firewall to rule out firewall issues. Could anyone let me know what I am doing wrong?


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    Hi Saju,

    can you please check if your server is listening to the socket that the client is attempting to connect to?

    $ lsof -iTCP:21212 -sTCP:LISTEN

    Does the output of the above command yield a process PID matching the output of the following command?

    $ jps | grep VoltDB


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    sqlcmd connection refused

    HI sanju ,

    Can you plz tell if both the PID's are scoming different then how to solve the problem.
    Please reply soon

    thanks in advance

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    Your server did not come up entirely - not sure why. If it had come up, the final line from starting would be 'Server completed initialization.'. Take a look in the server logfile (probably in log/volt.log) and see where it is failing (or stuck). It might just be a port conflict. Feel free to post the logfile here and I'll take a look.


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